The Illusionists: direct from Broadway

Iluzjoniści prosto z Broadway

Illusion, levitation, mind reading and disappearing are just a few tricks, which will be performed by world class illusionists during that immensely popular show. That unforgettable spectacle will charm people of all ages, and thanks to a mash-up of bold and surprising tricks it’ll remain in the audience’s memory for a long time. Three days, six performances–don’t miss that great show which will take place on March 22-24 in Ergo Arena!

Andrea Bocelli

andrea bocelli

On January 26 an italian tenor known all around the globe will come to Tricity. Andrea Bocelli’s music moves the hearts of millions, simultaneously evoking feelings of happiness and melancholy. During his performance we’ll witness his most known and liked songs, which will prove to be a great experience for the fans of the artist himself and the genre of his music itself. Bocelli will share the scene with symphonic orchestra and other well known artists to make his concert even more of an amazing performance.

Date: 26.01.2019 r.

Place: Ergo Arena

New restaurant

Słona Woda

We are happy to inivite you to our new restaurant Slona Woda located in Hotel Testa! Breakfast are served between 7.00 am till 10.30 in the summer. From 1:00 pm till 9:oo pm our kitchen is open and you can try some local fish, soups, meat and desserts. For hot and cold drinks, hand made lemonades and coffee come and check Slona Woda lobby bar, open from 1:00 pm till 10:00 pm. We are happy to deliver food and drinks to Villa Testa apartments – enjoy sea views and eat Slona Woda special menu (dial 130 or (58) 717 68 51).