Yacht Chartering

Sopot Marina, located at the end of the Sopot Pier, is a base for modern sail and motor yachts, which are available for rent for either one day or longer voyages. If you are looking for a sailing adventure with a marina in Sopot, try out Sopot Marina’s offer.

Bungee Jumping

If you are brave and adventurous, bungee jumping will be perfect for you! Even the ride up will be a great experience as you can take a look at Energa Gdańsk Stadium from an unusual perspective. However, the ride up is just the beginning of a wonderful experience. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!


The participants, equipped with a paintball gun and a paintball vest with sensors that count and signalize each hit, can test their reflex and skills in a labyrinth of rooms. It is the biggest laser paintball arena in Tricity! Almost 700 m2 of surface, with split-levels and additional floor levels, can fit even up to 14 players.

Horseback Riding

The Sopot Hippodrome is a place where rich tradition and over 100 years of history intertwine with modernity and dynamic development. On a regular day—a green oasis of calmness in the heart of Tricity; during contests, races and events—a vibrant, full of people, attractions, and excitement world-scale equestrian resort.

Escape Room

Escape Room is a live escape game tremendously popular in Europe. The challenge may appear to be easy—escape a closed room within 60 minutes. However, its completion proves to be harder than it seems…

Canoeing on Motława River

Canoeing brings joy no matter the amount of time you spend doing it. If you do not have a whole weekend off for a longer tour, choose a shorter trip through the waters of Gdańsk. Sightseeing from such perspective can be done either individually or with a guide.